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Clean Water Regulations, Drought and Storms Are Placing More Demands On Agricultural, Industrial and Residential Areas. CeresS³ Smart Stormwater Swale Can Help.

CeresS3 Smart Stormwater Bioswale can be tailored to remove pollutants from many applications biologically cleaning runoff and waste water . Clean water is stored for irrigation or recycled back through the system.

The Evolution Of Bioretention

Ceres Smart Stormwater Bio Swale

Utilizing new patented technology the CereS³ Smart Stormwater Swale™ is able to inoculate the bioretention swale on a regular basis.

Depending on type and volume of pollutants and heavy metals moving into the CereS³ Smart Stormwater Swale™, specific bacterial inoculation can be positioned strategically to treat and degrade or convert these compounds.

Learn How Ceres Works

CeresS³ Smart Stormwater Swale Research Studies and Pilot Programs Show The Effectiveness Of this Innovative Patent-Pending System.

Bioswale Project:
IT Carlow (SFI – TIDA)

Bioswale Project

Bioswale Project:
Ceres Agricultural Pilot

Bioswale Project