Don’t Let Our Environment Go Down The Drain Sending runoff rushing
downstream causes many
environmental problems and wastes a valuable resource.
CereS³ Smart Stormwater Swale™ treats the water on-site, look great and return water to the local aquifer or storage for reuse.
Innovative. Ceres Advanced Bioretention Solutions, Contain, Cleanse, and Store Runoff Water Allowing for Reuse Effective & In Production. Ceres Bio Retention Swales Are Cleaning Brown water From Dairy Farms and Allowing Farmers To Meet Water Quality Requirements view pilot study Flexible. Ceres Bioretention Can Work For Many Different Applications and is adaptable to different environments

  • Treat and Make Use of Runoff
  • Effectively Treat Stormwater Runoff On Site
  • Many applications including Agriculture, Urban Environments
  • Treated Water Available for Later Use During Dry Times
The CereS³ Smart Stormwater Swale™ Is Superior to Other Bioretention Swale Systems Bioretention Swale
Case Study: Dairy Farm Runoff Treated With Ceres Bioretention Swale
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